• Maasvlakte Power Plant
    An example of our core competency in power plant and large plant construction. A mandate from us.
  • Purchase of eBusses
    Ecological and innovative – purchase of an eBus and its operation in the regular bus timetable. A mandate from us.
  • German development agency
    Award management – national, European and beyond One of our mandates.
  • Award contracts in the hospital sector
    Provision of advisory and consulting services to hospitals throughout the tender and award process for consumer and capital goods. One of our main areas of focus.
  • IT Procurement
    Award of IT contracts, e.g. nationwide eFile solutions for over 15,500 users. A mandate from us.
  • Silicon Factory
    EPC-Turnkey contract, Legal project Management, ADR-proceedings A mandate from us.
  • Elbe Philharmonic Hall Hamburg
    Height: 110 m, Floors: 26, Elevators: 29, Usable area: 120,000 m², Seats in the Great Concert Hall: 2,100. A mandate from us.
  • New ship lift in Niederfinow
    Complete support from procurement to completion. A mandate from us.
  • Motorways
    Newly built and expansions across and throughout Germany. One of our business focuses.


The construction and engineering industry is a technically demanding business, often involving long-term projects, and its participants work in a very complex market environment with high risks.


Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry consists of large volume business and a long term investment and as such can involve major challenges for all parties.


Public Procurement

Public procurement for products, services and construction works is a core strength of Leinemann Partner both nationally and internationally.


About us

Leinemann Partner was founded on January, 1st 2000. This was the start of an innovative law firm, which set its focus on Construction and Real Estate Law and on the Law of Public Procurement.