Real Estate

Our well-established team of experienced lawyers renders comprehensive advice on all real estate investment law issues. The Real Estate Industry consists of large volume business and a long term investment and as such can involve major challenges for all parties. Successful real estate transactions, construction projects and project developments therefore require economic and financial but also specialized legal knowledge. Leinemann Partner Rechtsanwälte are specialized in these areas. We competently and comprehensively advise on the whole cycle of a real estate project: from acquisition, planning and construction through to placing asset, property and facility management services and divestments. Our expertise covers single real estate objects, residential and commercial portfolios, specialized objects like hotels and shopping centers.

Real Estate Management

The management of real estate capital is of pre-eminent importance, not only to improve and preserve its value but also to achieve the planed return targets.

For this reason, it is necessary to create intelligent and practical contractual solutions regarding the asset, property and facility management in order to achieve an optimum balance between the diverging interests. This is particularly true for dynamically managed real estate portfolios that are characterized by an ongoing process of purchase and sale of real estate objects as well as the management of specialized real estate such as shopping centers, hotels, hospitals or airports. Anticipatory solutions can be found with legal, technical and economic know-how and the potential for conflict can be reduced.

Leinemann Partner advise their clients on the drafting and placing of asset management, property management and facility management agreements. By realizing outsourcing projects our clients, in particular institutional investors, can be enabled to concentrate on their core business.


Financing is crucial for real estate transactions. Leinemann Partner offer competent legal advice to assist their clients in the successful implementation of their economic aims. Our services include project financing, acquisition financing of asset and share deals, refinancing, and financing of portfolios and single assets.


Successful real estate transactions require specialist experience. The course for economic success must be set at the beginning. Only by systematically analysing the strengths and weaknesses of an object is it possible to identify the issues relevant for decision making, and to balance the asymmetry of information between investor and vendor.

Any successful property transaction is based on a well-structured due diligence. On both the buyer’s and the seller’s side there is a need for experienced lawyers with the ability to value and measure the relevant information. Leinemann Partner thus carry out due diligence procedures to reveal the legal risks of the transaction.

Drafting the sale and purchase agreement lies at the core of a real estate transaction. The risks must be negotiated, addressed and regulated. Correspondingly, it is necessary to draft a secure procedure to structure and frame the transaction.

We analyse each client’s area of interest and develop suitable contractual concepts in coordination with them, and in close cooperation with their legal departments. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive advice on all company law matters connected to the transaction (e.g. the choice, foundation or legal structure of companies) and the drafting of joint venture and private equity agreements.

Project Development

Successful project development requires legally optimized and tax efficient corporate structures as well as numerous carefully drafted project contracts.

In parallel thorough attention should be given to relevant aspects of public law framework. Here we advise our clients comprehensively, and work with them to find economically sensible and pragmatic solutions – often in close coordination with the competent public authorities.

Leinemann Partner have the proven expertise, experience and sufficient man power to guide such projects with speed and competence. In tax matters we cooperate with experienced tax advisors.