Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Hilgers

Fachanwalt für Bau- und Architektenrecht
Fachanwalt für Vergaberecht
FIDIC Dispute Adjudicator
Partner, Berlin
Tel. 030 - 20 64 19 - 0


After holding a professorial position whilst completing his doctorate and assisting the central legal department of an international chemical and plant engineering group based in London, Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Hilgers initially worked as a lawyer in Bochum before moving on to Düsseldorf in 1998. In September 2000, he relocated to Berlin to join the Leinemann Partner Rechtsanwälte law firm where he has been a partner since 2004.

Together with his team, Prof. Dr. Hilgers provides advice to numerous flagship projects at home and abroad, including, in particular, major infrastructure measures (tunnels, highways, subways and rail projects), structural engineering projects (concert halls, museum buildings), as well as civil and hydraulic engineering measures (offshore wind farms, dams and bridges). Apart from providing ongoing consulting services during construction and plant engineering projects, his work also centers on supporting mandates in the procurement and architecture law fields. Conducting construction lawsuits, managing arbitration and conciliation proceedings and supporting clients during the procurement review process are further main topics of focus .

Prof. Dr. Hilgers is honorary professor for construction and procurement law at the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum as well as a specialist for procurement, construction and architecture law . He also authors contributions for specialized construction and procurement law journals and collaborates on and is the author of a range of book projects - the last one being a practical handbook on structural engineering at home and abroad and the legal framework for national and international structural engineering projects: “Anlagenbau im In- und Ausland - Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen nationaler und internationaler Anlagenbauprojekte”.

This not only deals with German law but also with the standard FIDIC Yellow and Silver Book Conditions of Contract. Since the 4th edition of the commentary on the VOB/B [German Construction Contract Procedures, Part B], published by Leinemann, he has also commented on the FIDIC Red Book, which plays a central role in the international construction business, as well as on Sections 2 (8)-(10) VOB/B, Sections 648 and 648a of the German Civil Code and Section 14 VOB/B. The Handelsblatt has named him one of the best lawyers in Germany in the field of "construction law" in 2021.

Prof. Dr. Hilgers serves as an arbitrator in accordance with the DIS German Institution of Arbitration and SGO Bau rules [arbitration rules for the construction industry, including plant construction], is a member of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR and is also a member of the Bar Association in Berlin.


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2021 | Publikation
Zum Spannungsfeld von Bauvergabe- und Bauvertragsrecht
2019 | Publikation
Leinemann (Hrsg.): VOB/B-Kommentar, 7. Auflage
2016 | Publikation
Leinemann (Hrsg.): VOB/B-Kommentar, 6. Auflage
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