Michael Göger, LL.M.

FIDIC Dispute Adjudicator
Partner, Berlin
Tel. 030 - 20 64 19 - 0


Michael Göger studied Law in Freiburg, Lausanne and Munich. His legal career bridges London and Berlin: working for an international corporate law firm in London, completing his judicial training in Berlin, and being awarded a Masters in International Business Law (LL.M.) from the University of London. Michael has long-term experience in international Real-estate, Construction and Architecture law, and is fluent in both English and German.

Michael Göger advises national and international clients in real-estate transactions, on the corresponding due diligence procedures,on the financing and re-financing of such transactions and on all legal asset management issues. . He supports and advises companies in the acquisition, sale and the leasing of residential, commercial and hotel properties.

In the field of Construction and Engineering Law, Michael advises on development projects in the housing industry and on civil engineering projects including tunnel projects, offshore wind-parks and industrial plants based both in Germany and abroad, with contracts drafted in English, often on a FIDIC contractual basis. Michael’s scope of services includes legal support and project management throughout all phases of a project .

Michael represents clients in international arbitration and adjudication procedures, as well as in court procedures, in either German or in English as required. Furthermore, he is a FIDIC dispute adjudicator as certified by the VBI.

Michael regularly speaks at events on Real-estate, Construction and Architecture Law and is the author of several law books. Michael is a member of the British-German Jurists' Association and of the Berlin Lawyers‘ Association.


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