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Thomas Maibaum studied law at the Free University of Berlin and the University of Cologne. His activities are mainly focused on procurement law, construction and architecture law.

Following his first professional assignment at the European Commission, he went on to take over the management of the legal department at the German Federal Chamber of Architects. After some years, he became general counsel to the Chamber. Parallel to this assignment, Thomas Maibaum worked Of Counsel at Leinemann Partner in Berlin, before fully joining the firm in 2014.

Thomas Maibaum was a delegate of the Deutscher Vergabe- und Vertragsausschuss DVA [German committee for public procurement and construction contracts] for many years. As a member of the European Commission’s advisory committee for public procurement, he also actively worked on the development of the European procurement legislation. Thomas Maibaum was a member of the group of experts set up to streamline procurement legislation at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology, the Federal Government’s Commission on Reform of Major construction Projects, as well as the HOAI [fee ordinance for architects and engineers] reform commission at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Affairs . For over 15 years, he was also chairman of the public procurement working group at the Architects’ Council of Europe.

Thomas Maibaum also served for many years as a honorary member of the federal public procurement tribunal. Since 1999, he has been authoring and editing numerous works on the topic of procurement law as well as construction and architecture law. The Handelsblatt has awarded Thomas Maibaum as one of the best lawyers in Germany in the field of "Real Estate Business Law" in 2021. He is also lecturer at the SRH university in Berlin.


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2021 | Publikation
Die Vergabe öffentlicher Aufträge
2019 | Publikation
Die VOB, das BGB-Bauvertragsrecht und das neue Vergaberecht 2019, 11. Auflage
2016 | Publikation
Die VOB 2016, BGB-Bauvertragsrecht und neues Vergaberecht
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