The olympic village was built for the  XI Olympics in 1936.

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The olympic village

The olympic village was built for the XI Olympics in 1936.

Since 2017 lawyer Michael Göger from the Leinemann Berlin office together with the support of lawyers Shushanik Roecker and Lamia Özal has been advising a number of subsidiaries of Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin in connection with the development of the Olympic village of 1936 near Berlin.

The Olympic village is situated in Elstal, a district of the Wustermark municipality, about 19 kilometres west of Berlin. The Olympic village is a memorial of special importance for German history and also for Olympic history. It was built for the XI Olympics of 1936 and at that time served as accommodation for the male Olympic athletes. The architect of the Olympic village was Werner March, the same architect who also drew up the plans for the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

However, the Olympic village was only briefly used as accommodation for the Olympic athletes. Shortly after the end of the Olympics the whole area was used for military purposes. Initially it was used as a barracks for an infantry regiment of the German army and later on as a military hospital. Then, after the Second World War the location was used by the Soviet armed forces. In this period the condition of the historical buildings deteriorated considerably and the complete village was affected. After German reunification the site and the buildings fell into disrepair. The resulting dereliction further adversely affected the condition of the Olympic village.

Since reunification a number of urban development plans and measures developed for the surrounding countryside have enabled the creation of living space and a new urban development plan has also been drawn up for the Olympic village to create living space for several thousand people. The implementation of this plan is surely one of the most prestigious housing projects in Germany. In the meantime, the first development plan has come into force. The construction measures are in full swing and a second development plan is in preparation.

At Leinemann Partner we are happy to be able to provide legal support for such an exciting project. In this process we are providing legal advice on all questions relating to the development of the site. This includes the planning and realisation of numerous infrastructure measures such as roads, green areas and utilities, including the establishment of building rights in the development plan procedure. Furthermore, we are providing legal support with the drafting of construction, architect and planning contracts and conclusion of development contracts with the municipality, the waste water association and other utilities. The legal issues cover a substantial part of private construction and architectural law and also numerous questions in relation to public law, such as construction law and the building regulations and also conservation matters, animal protection and protection of historical buildings. In addition, we are providing legal advice for the disposal of subplots to developers and investors and the associated due diligence processes and purchase agreement negotiations including notarisation.